Rain + kids = fun?

Rain + kids = fun?

Rain + kids = fun?


It’s been pretty wet outside lately, and you might be feeling a little cooped up. The East Bay is chock-full of things to do when it rains. However, I wanted to highlight the following five family friendly activities.

1. Check out your Local Public Library for events:

Alameda County Libraries

(various locations from Albany to Fremont)

City of Alameda

City of Berkeley

City of Oakland

City of San Leandro

2. Go Ice Skating at the Oakland Ice Center

3. Check out the Pacific Pinball Museum in Alameda

4. Visit the Oakland Museum of CA, paid garage parking available and accessible by public transportation.

5. Get the wiggles out at the Kids gym in Berkeley

Let me know in the comments section down below if you’ve tried any of these activities with your families, and what your favorite rainy day activities are.

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