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Believe it or not, enrollment for the upcoming school year is taking place now! Many of my clients often ask which schools are associated with a property they’re interesting in buying. You may be interested in knowing as it may affect your future property value, because you have children, or plan to have children. Check the specific school districts’ websites below for specific deadlines and school locator tools.

Alameda Unified School District School locator
Berkeley Unified School District Zone locator  – Students within a zone can enroll in any school within that zone.
Castro Valley Unified School District School locator
Oakland Unified School District School locator

Piedmont Unified School District

Elementary School Zone Street listing to determine enrollment eligibility for elementary schools. All eligible students within the district attend Piedmont Middle School and Piedmont High School
San Leandro Unified School DistrictSchool locator

If you’re interested in knowing more about a school’s performance you can find information on the California Dashboard, a newly implemented system that replaces the Academic Performance Index (API) – discontinued as of December 2018.

What other questions do you have regarding the school enrollment process?  Leave a comment below and I will develop an FAQ for a future post.

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