Anthony is great. As first time homebuyers, we had a lot of questions and were unfamiliar with the process. Anthony was always willing to answer all questions and address all concerns while we were on the search to find the perfect home within our budget. He never pushed us to visit or see homes that were out of our means and was respectful of our concerns and wishes. Now that we have purchased our home he is still willing to help us with our remodeling and put in the extra mile. We would absolutely recommend Anthony to anyone.

Jon & Marisa,

Anthony is amazing to work with! We were first time homeowners who didn’t have much knowledge of the process and Anthony did a great job of walking us through everything and answering our questions. He is very knowledgeable of the real estate industry and helped us put together a competitive offer. He was very good at communicating and following up with the seller’s agent and would provide us with updates throughout the process, sometimes even several times a day. We were dealing with a difficult seller, but Anthony went way above and beyond what any agent should have to do, including driving several hours into the wee hours of the night to pick up paperwork so we would be able to close on time. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to purchase a home in the Bay Area, and especially to those who are looking in Alameda. He is well connected in the community and is very easy to work with!

Christina C,

Anthony really helped us navigate through the complicated waters of becoming a first-time homeowner. I never hesitated to give him a call as I knew he would help me with any urgent question or concern I had. Having known Anthony for years, I would definitely recommend enlisting his services!

Justin and Dawn Mangat,

Anthony is one of the most passionate, knowledgeable and hardworking people you'll ever meet. As a real estate agent, he will go the extra mile for his clients to make sure that they are comfortable with their purchase. During our search for our new home, Anthony was extremely proactive in communicating with the selling agent and helped us to prepare a competitive offer. We ended up with the house we wanted and he continued to work with us through the home inspection and initial work needed to make sure we were ready to move in. He also provided a thorough walk-through of the loan and home purchase
process and also connected us with some great resources (house cleaning, remodeling work, etc.)

Buddy and Christina Wong,