Seller FAQs

  • Who picks which title company will handle our closing?

    It varies state-by-state and country-by-country. Check with your real estate agent

  • Where and what time will the closing be held?

    Your real estate agent will notify you of the exact location and time of closing

  • Do I have to attend closing?

    Check with your real estate agent. In some states, you real estate agent can mail the closing documents to you prior to closing for signature. With other states, you must attend closing or do a "Power of Attorney."

  • Does my spouse need to be present at closing?

    If your spouse is also on the tile for your home, yes he/she will also need to be present at closing

  • We have a home warranty contact. Would the buyers be interested in this?

    Find out if the contract is assumable. If it is, determine what monetary compensation you would want for the remainder of the yearly contract. Provide this information to your real estate agent.

  • How do we know when the buyer has mortgage approval?

    Per the contract. the lender has a specified number of days from contract date to give the selling agent a loan commitment letter. The Selling Agent will then provide the letter to the Listing Agent.

  • Should I be present during the home inspection?

    It is advisable that the seller not be present for the home inspection. During the inspection, the inspector needs to communicate directly with the buyers and it may be awkward if the seller is present.

  • If there are defects found by the home inspector, can I make all the repair myself?

    Discuss each of the needs repaired with your real estate agent. He/she will advise you which items you can fix yourself and those items you need to hire a licensed professional to repair.

  • Can I pay for some of the home repairs from the proceeds I'll get at closing?

    Yes, Make sure your real estate agent has copies of the invoices and he/she will provide them to the title company.

  • When will the lockbox be removed?

    The lock box is removed after the final walk through is done.

  • The buyers are asking if they can move some boxes into the house prior to closing. Should I allow them to?

    Its your decision, but its advisable to not allow buyers, or any of their belongings, to move into the house before closing. If the house is vacant before closing, you may choose to allow them to move some boxes into the garage with the interior door to the inside of the house locked. Your Real Estate will advise you.

  • Do I need to be present for the final walk through?

    No. The buyers are the Selling Agent will do the final walk through once you have completely moved out of house.The final walk through is usually done 1-2 days prior to closing.

  • Do we need to have our house and carpeting professionally cleaned when we move out?

    Your real estate will advise you if the contract specifies that your carpeting must be professionally cleaned. It would be courteous to do a general cleaning and to clean your kitchen appliances. Use your best judgement.