5 things to buy B4 you sell

5 things to buy B4 you sell

5 things to buy B4 you sell


When preparing to sell your house, I recommend buying the following items before you sell. Buyers like to see a safe and functional home that they can envision themselves in.

1Plug in Carbon Monoxide Detectors, for each floor, buyers will be assured that they will be safe in their new home. If there’s a power outage, the back up batteries will kick in for uninterrupted detection.
2 Smoke Detectors, if needed. The risk of dying in a home fire is cut in half with working smoke alarms.
3Don’t forget new batteries for your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors!
4Be sure to replace any burnt out light bulbs. Ideally, you should have all matching light bulbs in a room to create a sense of uniformity. Your pictures will look best with 60 watt warm white bulbs.
5Pack up your personal belongings into moving bins. They’re more sturdy than cardboard boxes, and you can reuse them later for garage storage. There are bins with wheels, collapsible crates, and even storage bags with straps!

What other selling essentials can you think of? Leave suggestions below in the comments.

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